Preparing Your Child for Foster Child or Adopted Sibling

You want to add another family member and considered fostering or adopting, but you have a child on your own so you’ve probably ask how to prepare them for the new addition to the family. There are few things to keep in mind when you want to foster care/adopt while continuing to become a good parent to your children. Below are various lessons you can do to prepare your child before your first foster or adopted child goes inside your house.


Teach your children to not ask too much questions straight away – Let your kids know that asking the adopted child or foster too many questions such as, where they came from or their past family can stress and make them uncomfortable, specially if they are still new to the environment and the people around them.

Teach your children that privacy is important – They should never tell anyone about the foster or adoptive child’s status and any too personal information.

Educate your child to give space – Make sure your children know that may be your new adopted child or foster is upset when they first entered your house. Teach your child to give them space and lots of love and understanding.



Teach your children that you listen to problems – Tell them that they are free to talk to you whenever they have concerns about the adopted child or foster. Teach them to come to you if they see/hear anything that troubles them. Engage in family meeting to get concerns openly.

Teach your children to become role models of good behavior – Let your child know that being a good example to the adopted child/foster can become a great teaching tool to others.

Teach your children that you’re fair in any circumstances – Let them know that your rules and regulations are also applied to the adopted or foster child so that there are no resentment. Assign them chores same as your children within the first month of them in your home. This gives them time to get accustomed, but quick enough for them to learn what it’s like to become a part of the family.

Teach your children about where not to touch and where to touch – Ensure that they know what’s the appropriate behavior. Some adopted child may act out sexually and physically. Your kids need to know how to say, “don’t” and “no” to get away from any uncomfortable circumstances. You will need to supervise if you have small children from time to time until they became comfortable with the new family member.