7 Tips For Family Vacations

If you are getting ready for a family holiday here are seven tips to make sure it’s going to be a joyful family experience, with as much joy and little strain as possible.

Tip #1: Do your research ahead of time. Have you researched any towns or cities, parks, or even points of interest that you might want to explore, either along the way or in your destination? A point of interest depends upon your family’s interests. Regions of interest might be related to a sports venue, a natural feature such as waterfall, historical monuments, a facility related to the arts or audio such as a museum or performing arts center, or could involve local cuisine or arts and crafts. This research shouldn’t fall to one family member, everybody is able to get involved.

Tip #2: Know the directions for getting to your destination. If you’re reaching your destination by plane and need to lease a car, have you ever packed a GPS or have you got a printout of the instructions that will get you from your rental car pickup point to your first destination? If you’re driving, have you chosen your route and again have a GPS, maps, or a printout of instructions.

Tip #3: Prepare your children beforehand for the vacation. Let them understand what to expect. Locate a book from the library that is related to where you are going and read it together. Have your kids draw pictures about what they expect to see about the holiday. Let your children pack a boredom bag that they can carry with them. It should include items which can keep them occupied and that they find comforting.

Tip #4: It’s very important to discuss what you expect your children to do should they get lost. Each child needs to have a little card which they take in their pocket that includes your destination address and telephone number along with your cell phone number.

Tip #5: Make sure to pack essentials for your trip. These essentials include a first aid kit and water for your trip. Furthermore, if you will be on a plane, pack items like drugs that you can’t be without on your carry-on bag if your checked luggage takes longer to reach its destination than you can.

Tip #6: Use your packing checklist to make certain that everything is packed. Now is a good time to create a packing checklist for this holiday and all future ones if you haven’t done so already. Such a list helps to ensure that nothing critical gets left behind. Be certain to include sun protection items like hats, sunglasses, and sun tan lotion.

Tip #7: Package items to chronicle your vacation. It’s fun to look back to your family vacation and reminisce about all of the adventures planned and unexpected. Shooting photos, sketching scenes, or writing journal entries will make sure that those memories are preserved.