Best Squarespace design templates for video

Whether you’re promoting one video job or building a portfolio for all your video work, here are our favorite Squarespace templates.

Finest Overall


Whether you’re trying to find a portfolio or a one-page site, Mercer has the flexibility and wow-factor to be a videographer’s dream.

Best for Large Video Project


With a sleek scrolling index page that stacks full-bleed banner videos consecutively, this template is a stunning way to display video.

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By Simone Scully

There’s a reason Squarespace is among the most popular web building and hosting services out there: it accommodates users of all web design skill levels thanks to its simple drag and drop page home builders, affordable plans, 24/ 7 customer assistance, and modern template designs. Does that mean Squarespace is a good choice for displaying your videos?

The response is a definite yes– but you require to understand a few things before you get going.

First, understand that Squarespace supports embedding videos, however not uploading them straight to your site. This means that you will need to upload the video to another host initially– say YouTube, Vimeo, or Wisitia. According to Squarespace, this “helps your website load much faster, enables visitors to share your videos, and supplies multiple alternatives for video hosting.” Possibilities are, this won’t trouble you however it’s still essential to know this prior to you choose to begin developing your site. Which host you pick is then approximately you, but if you use a design template with background videos, you’ll have to use YouTube or Vimeo– not Animoto or Wistia.

Second, know that 360- degree videos aren’t supported at all by Squarespace– so if that’s what you wish to display on their site, you’re finest going elsewhere.

Third, you can add videos to any edible blocks on Squarespace, as well as in gallery pages or on cover pages in some designs– or templates. How the videos look and behave, however, depends on the template you choose. Some design templates allow you to add background videos, which indicates they play behind page content, while others likewise support video banners at the top of the page. This is why it is so crucial to pick the right design template when you’re creating a website to show off your videos.

Due to the fact that you can embed videos in the majority of design templates, picking the best template eventually boils down to what you want to do with your site.

For instance, are you constructing a web page to promote one large video job– like a documentary or movie? If so, perhaps a vertical-scrolling single-page website will fit your needs.

Or are you aiming to build a portfolio to display a range of work? If that holds true, you’ll want to try to find something that shows a variety of your work, like a website with a mosaic grid.

To assist make things a little easier for you, we have actually assembled some of our favorite design templates for videos on Squarespace. Here they are:

Versatile and versatile – Index page.

Whether you’re searching for a portfolio or a one-page website, Mercer has the adaptability and wow-factor to be a videographer’s dream.

1. Mercer

Whether you’re searching for a portfolio or a one-page website, Mercer has the versatility and wow-factor to be a videographer’s dream.

  • Household:

As a Salt water household design template, Mercer has integrated flexibility, making it a great plan for anyone who has videos to display, from cinematographers to video production companies to video journalists.

Because it permits for one-page scrolling, it can work well as a website to highlight one big task, like a feature film. You can develop banners with full-bleed videos or use video backgrounds in the bottom header.
The template can likewise operate as a video portfolio, thanks to the capability to index gallery areas with videos, providing visitors a sense of a videographer’s breadth of work.

Supports single-page sites – Constant scroll.

Main navigation just displays on index pages when set as homepage.

This design template is a great choice for creating an immersive, one-page website to showcase your video project.

2. Horizon

With a smooth scrolling index page that stacks full-bleed banner videos consecutively, this design template is a stunning method to show video clips.

  • Family:

The Horizon template works incredibly well for videographers looking to develop an immersive experience to promote their task. This is due to the fact that this design template lends itself effectively to creating a scrolling single-page website to draw the reader in. Because it includes a scrolling index page that stacks content like video and pictures one on top of the other, you can set that as your homepage to develop one vertical-scrolling page. This works well if you’re developing a website to promote one specific video project you’ve made, such as a function film or documentary, due to the fact that it helps produce one continuous, interactive experience.

You can likewise loop a video on the main page with this template prior to going into the website to create a dramatic impression. Due to the fact that this design template was developed with bands and concerts in mind, it’s simple to change the format to film screenings with info about your movie as well as a trip date widget to plug in details about upcoming screenings of your film.

Lightbox video gamer – Grid portfolio look – Sidebars.

Doesn’t support banners – Less customizable design than other design templates.

If you’re a freelance videographer and you’re trying to find a template to display your clips, Wexley is a strong choice.

3. Wexley

If you’re a freelance videographer and you’re searching for a design template to display your clips, Wexley is a strong option.

  • Family:

Galleries aren’t just for photography: with the Wexley design template, galleries open in lightboxes, which is perfect for playing videos since it dims the page in the background and plays the video front and center, providing the experience a cinematic feel.

The design template shows the videos as a series of still images in a clean, mosaic grid design, enabling the visitor see the series of your deal with one page– perfect for portfolios. It likewise includes a heating system to help users browse to extra pages, such as your bio, blog site, integrated social manages and contact kind, turning your website into an interactive résumé that will assist you promote your work and offer your services to prospective clients.

Versatile and flexible – A nice mix of text and video – Index pages.

A beautiful, versatile template that makes an excellent choice for journalists and documentarians.

4. Margot

A beautiful, versatile template that makes a great option for journalists and documentarians.

  • Family:

Initially designed for professional photographers, the Margot template works equally well for videographers who are looking for a traditional site to display their work. It’s one of our favorites for videographers who want to show their clips along with in-depth write-ups, like journalists or documentarians looking to share additional context or reporting along with their video.

This template is also an excellent option for independent video journalists since the design template features a pop-up contact kind that possible clients can use to contact you about your work.

As a template in the Brine family, it’s also an extremely versatile design template with a wide variety of modifications readily available– including a number of navigation alternatives, design choices, slideshow banners, and parallax scrolling.

Aesthetically stunning – Significant.

Minimal versatility – Functions better with photography.

With a full-bleed carousel, this design template works well for mixed-media artists searching for a showstopper website.

5. Ishimoto

With a full-bleed carousel, this design template works well for mixed-media artists searching for a showstopper website.

  • Household:

With a full-bleed carousel slideshow format, it’s easy to presume that this template is indicated for photographers. But videos will display in this horizontally-scrolling carousel too– indicating if you’re looking for a show-stopper site, this might be your option– particularly if you’re a multimedias artist aiming to show off more than simply videos.

Lightbox Impact – Grid-view – Task Pages.

For a minimalist, immersive portfolio, York enables you the flexibility to create a video portfolio that sticks out.

6. York

For a minimalist, immersive portfolio, York permits you the flexibility to create a video portfolio that stands apart.

  • Family:

For a minimalist portfolio, York is a solid option. Videos can be embedded either in standard slideshow format, in a grid, or in page banners. What makes York truly stand out is the truth that you can construct project pages, which are custom-made gallery views that mix text and imagery in creative methods. These task pages are various from gallery pages– another feature offered by this template– which put the concentrate on the video alone. Task pages enable you to stack text and video, however, producing a page that visitors can scroll through vertically as they explore your video.

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