2 of Apple’s previous HomePod masterminds prep a ‘revolutionary’ speaker

Lots of tech startups like to extol having former workers of Silicon Valley giants among their ranks, however this is one that might have more of an effect than a lot of. Financial Times sources say that ex-Apple design legend Christopher Stringer and engineer Afrooz Household are utilizing their startup Syng to develop a “innovative” speaker system that would deal with both their previous company’s HomePod in addition to Sonos’ home audio gadgets. Their upcoming Cell speakers would supposedly use a mix of Stringer’s style and Household’s audio engineering to produce “immersive rendering” whose sound would be “indistinguishable from reality,” according to the investment pitch.

This kind of buzz is common among startups, but the two have some reliability to support their boasts. Stringer has managed design deal with various significant Apple jobs, including the HomePod in addition to the Apple Watch and iPhone. Household, on the other hand, was essential to developing the spatial audio system that lets the HomePod change its sound based upon its location in the space– Apple’s speaker would not have its audio wizardry without him.

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